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Adora posted..

The full HG bypass isn't happening.

The Poynton bypass isn't happening either. The airport link is not the Poynton bypass.

The Poynton councillors figured out that they weren't getting a bypass any time soon, they had a massive traffic headache (26,000+ vehicles per day going in 4 different directions) and their village/town centre was dog-eared, ill prepared for the future increases in traffic and in need of a solution. They consulted the experts. They formulated an idea. They went hammer and tong for funding. They made it happen. The team consisted of local councillors as well as borougher execs etc.

So, what have we got?

No bypass coming soon.

A huge traffic headache which isn't going to go away and therefore requires a fresh management approach with some thinking outside the box.

A large suburb, the 'heart' of which is a srip of road consisting of pubs, cafes, estate agents, charity shops and some specialist shops.

3 to 4 million quid could produce a better traffic management solution (lose half the bloody traffic lights for a start), a revamped strip, better parking, etc.

Net result - up the ante in HG, play to our strengths and an increase in house prices.

Local councillors can't see this through? Can't initiate this process? Wouldn't be part of the revitalisation committee? Wouldn't be in any of the positions handed out around the council who do make these decisions?

OK, well lets get back to voting on lollipop ladies, phone masts and mini black bins.

As you were.

(And always will be because there's nowt to be done until the mythical bypass rises from the ashes and comes to save us.)