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Adora posted..

Oliver, Hazel Grove isn't a naughty child. It's not a case of not being "allowed". The Poynton scheme is based on the principles of shared space. This may not be right for Hazel Grove (I think we could have a similar scheme and it would work but the experts would have to verify that).

The point is, Hazel Grove needs revitalising somehow. It needs future-proofing as well. The infrastructure, roads, pavements, look of the place is grubby and tatty. The pavements on the main drag are too narrow and the 'shopping experience' is mean and miserable. Hazel Grove could be made to look 1000 times more attractive but it's a huge undertaking. It can be done. It should be done. But whilst councillors think in terms of what they are "allowed" or not allowed to do, nothing will happen.

And I kind of agree with Limecat here - Hazel Grove is not some quaint little village - it's a working suburb which accommodates thousands of vehicles a day and the new road isn't going to magically cure all of that BUT that doesn't mean we should just let it get ever more tatty and mean looking.

Please, please, please talk to the Poynton guys. I'll set up a meeting if you like. Listen to how they achieved it, the hoops they had to jump through, the time it took, the heart-ache, the frustrations, the good stuff as well. Oliver, you have a dog right? I'll set you up on a dog walk with one of the key councillors involved - take a walk with him and listen. Listen, listen, listen and then re-think your view on this. Same invite to Kevin. Just let me know and I'll set it up.