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Limecat posted..

[QUOTE=Drifter]No fooling you is there limecat, it wasnt the truth, I said 15 years , it was 14. 1988-2002 , do names like "pink panther" "stan the grass" "Peter perfect" "Jill the pill " mean anything. as for the post , a quote from robot 69 said "and a spoilt brat has bruised ribs". It was a 21st birthday present to his son who is disabled. My "rant " (to quote robot yet again )was about people passing judgement before knowing the full facts.[QUOTE=Limecat]What's that? More crap from 'Guest'. Strange that we have posted what was in the press but you naively think we know everything about it when it's CLEARLY documented that we would like to know the full facts around it. What a plank you are.

I smell rubbish.

Go on then guest, where abouts did you work? Give us your name as if your 'claims' (which I doubt) are correct then you started 2 years before myself.

As I say, I don't think you are telling the truth. I think you are a troll and a hater, nothing more, nothing less...[/QUOTE][/QUOTE]

Stan the Grass. Yes, I used to live next door to him about 18 years ago. His was the house on the corner of Cavendish and Rutland. :lmao:

Peter Perfect? Do you mean Peter Pan as he didn't age? Lived up in a converted barn beyond Macclesfield? He thought he was a big man he did, his arse soon fell out when I turned up on his doorstep one night after I had left BAE. *** sentence deleted by Admin ***.

You will know of 'Barry Battery' too who used to knock out anything you wanted to get your hands on. He was like the BAE 'Red' from Shawshank...

Oh and you are the only one trying to claim facts but holding them back. LMAO.