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Drifter posted..

[QUOTE=Guest][QUOTE=Guest][QUOTE=Guest]What is it with this forum and supermarkets, come on move on, and now it's Marple turn. Who cares it's not Hazel Grove.[/QUOTE]
there's nothing wrong with having a social conscience just because S.M.B.C stuffed hazel grove with a lack care over planning and allowing supermarkets to do as they like doesn't mean we should stand by and allow the same thing happen to Marple.[/QUOTE]

Yes youíre right Guest, and on one hand I have to agree with you that it sometimes seems that little can be done to stop these big companies from pushing their way into small communities and turning them into ugly shopping complexes, which unfortunately has happened to Hazel Grove.

Iíve not yet seen one superstore that actually improves the landscape, just the opposite, there big, brash and ugly, which is such a shame as with a little thoughtful planning the picture could look so different.

I think this is the biggest reason why local residents fear and so strongly object to a supermarket being built where they live, because they know that the circus will be coming to (their) town......with all its bangs, whistles and 20% off banners flying everywhere, and that what was once a small community will be changed and lost forever.

As for our social conscience Guest, I do feel strongly for your plight, and which you every success, but I also feel that your social conscience ended at your front doorstep, as you and your neighbours are more than happy to get into your cars and shop at a safe distant away, clogging up Hazel Grove and its surrounding streets, so where is your social conscience being shown then.

I can agree with some of your points to be honest. When Tesco were wanting the plot that is held by the Art Deco former cinema in Poynton I wondered why they wanted it as effectively the residents could go a few miles to Macclesfield or indeed Handforth Dean, so they are only nibbling trade from both of those stores, however it means people would travel a shorter distance.

The problem is that people seem to think that Hazel Grove is something more than what it is. People on here often call it a 'village'. Villages do not have McDonalds, KFC, Weatherspoons, Asda, Tesco Express, Sainsburys etc.

People really do need to grasp evolution. None of those companies would put a 'store' in a bonafide village as the footfall isn't there.

Planning looks at the need for things. If there is no need for it, then it wouldn't get planning.

The sooner people realise that Hazel Grove is NOT a village and is infact a town and that's why planning is passed the better. It is people thinking Hazel Grove is more than it is that are the problem, not the stores.

Hazel Grove is an average town. Nothing more, nothing less. You can get a Wimpy house for pretty much bang on the average house price.

Supermarkets aren't there to build something of architectural importance and 'improve the landscape' they are there to sell stuff that people in the area need.

I laugh at people on here crying about this stuff when they are happy to slate Mr Hogg. He has gone out of his way to improve the area and give residents what they want, strange that all the 'haters' couldn't be bothered to do the same and just moan on the Internet which is far easier, eh?