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TwistedBanana posted..

I don't really see anyone being irate, i think they were pointing out that your post was misguided. I only saw one response that was, for want of a better way of putting it "blunt".

You have said the cricket wasnt on the curriculum in the nineties (is this when you attended). I explained that sports at school are generally dictated by the PE teacher. There was certainly a fall off during this period, a direct result of playing field sell off during the administration of the eighties and nineties and the funding cuts imposed on schools. Cricket unfortunately isn't cheap but clubs survived and prospered. Every village in our locality has a club, some more than one. Hazel Grove (2), Bramhall (at least two), offerton, poynton, marple, hawk green, woodford, high lane, disley, stockport. This carries on as you move further away village by village. This despite the upkeep required and the expense of running these clubs. The attendances at these grounds on a saturday are higher than for football games on torky park (i am involved in local football as well) The Grapes pub does a good trade during the summer months with both Hazel Grove and Norbury running from here. There is a healthy rivalry, and Hazel grove have been running from here for at least 40 years, not sure about Norburys longevity. They are embedded in village life and the history is up on the walls of HGCC for all to see stretching back 150 years or so. As Bluegrover suggested, between the clubs there are around 100 children involved week in week out - i imagine only football could touch this on a village level. this is replicated through all villages in the local vicinity.

We all know that stats that show sports popularity aren't a true reflection. Fishing numbers are based on licences not competitive spectator sports, golf is similar based on membership. For most of the participants (especially fishing) they are pastimes not sports (no disrespect to either, i hope i worded that well enough for them to see where i was coming from)When it comes to TV viewings figures, then cricket is firmly embedded in the second tier with only football being in the top tier.

Neither golf or fishing (i use them because you did) are on the school curriculum, i suspect they may have the same issues with equipment and facilities that cricket does :).

It has been explained that any club is welcome to an area on the forum subject to request, and i do know that your initial post was in relation to this, unfortunately your use of the word "obscure" has gained a reaction and your defence hasn't really been solid. I suggest adopting a straight bat and a solid defence as your current poor stance and airy shots will see you taking that long, lonely, silent walk back to the pavillion