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Coleman posted..

I don't regret any of my posts, Cricket is probably 5th or 6th most popular sport in the uk and gets very little coverage anywhere (although more than i thought if Channel 5 show it). Add to that the fact that certainly in the 90's it wasn't even on the school sport curriculum. And i think my assessment that it is not a main stream sport is fairly accurate.

As i have said, i've got no problem with the sport, i have no problem with it having it's own section on her, etc. I simply surprised it has president on here over other more popular sports! But then as has been explained to me that is in part because people on here asked for it where as they haven't for other sports, which is fine by me!

I do find it comical that people seem to be getting so irate because someone is pointing out to them that their favoured sport is not the most popular in the country! Does it really matter? I used to play Roller and Ice hockey which in this country is very obscure, and far from being upset by that fact i actually quite liked being involved in something that not everyone else had heard of or tried!

I have actually stumbled across some info that suggests that cricket is in fact the 8th most popular sport in the uk, at least it was in 2003! Ipsos MORI Not a forgone conclusion especially as the date is 9 years old but an indicator non the less!