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craig posted..

It IS used and valued by lot's of people so it should therefore be fixed. Wooden ramps invite vandalism and common sense would indicate that the kids using the equipment wouldn't destroy it. It's obviously passing scrotes or drunken adults. I wouldn't be surprised.

I'm sure that whoever is responsile for the maintenance of the equipment could just go along on a Saturday and ask the kids using the ramps which material would be best to use. Of course with other expertise, I'm sure that a conclusion can drawn from a bit of effort.[/QUOTE]

asking kids is pointless, kids dont know anything about construction methods, Outdoor parks should be made of concrete, plain and simple, concrete lasts pretty much forever

[QUOTE=Shirleewhirlee]My son has been a skateboarder/rollerblader for many years and we attended the opening of this skatepark. At the time he said (he was in primary school then) that the ramps wouldn't last and should have been made of concrete....
I wasn't aware of the park being locked as usually he travels all the way to Marple to use theirs (its concrete) but has used the Torkington park again recently. The grind rail is also damaged and I worry that someone will get hurt there.
These lads just want to skate, they don't damage their parks. The damage is done by non-skaters hanging around with nothing better to do. Why would the skaters damage their own equipment? I've met loads of them and they're all really good kids.
Please can someone get this park made safe and the ramps replaced with concrete. Ask the skaters to help design it, (you'll find them at UK Skate, Canal St) and you'll be onto a winner.
I only hope that Stockport Council don't get sued in the meantime for injuries![/QUOTE]

again, yes it does need to be made of concrete, as I think... I may have said much earlier back when the plans for the park were coming out, I voiced my concern over building it out of wood with the lady in charge of the project, and hell told them not to use the park construction company they used, as a quick look at their website at the time just showed cheap shoddy looking ramps, but they decided to go with what they called the "cheaper" option anyhow since they were on a budget, even tho a concrete park of exactly the same layout would've worked out cheaper and have been of much higher quality, and have cheaper maintenance costs.

Its good that its resurfaced and I'll check it out when this damn weather improves