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TwistedBanana posted..

Just reviving this thread to warn of the dangers of the sketepark as it stands. The skatepark is currently locked, i assume to stop access and to stop the kids playing on what is blatantly an unsafe piece of equipment. However, the fencing around the area isn't in anyway high enough to stop kids leaping over to still utilise the equipment (kids will be kids) - my soon to be 11 years old son is one of these kids and unfortunately due to the poor condition of the equipment he is now on crutches with severly torn ankle ligaments.

Before anyone jumps down my throat - i am not typing this to apportion blame, i am typing it to warn others of how dangerous this equipment is. I wasn't personally aware that that section of the park was locked up and the kids weren't allowed on it. You know your kids are off to the park to play and don't necessarily rush down to carry out a risk assessment.

I would however point out the damege to this equipment looks like it is from wear and tear and rot as opposed to vandalism - it really does look poor standard.

I got a close look at it when i got the phonecall from my sons mate to tell me that he had really hurt himself. It was on arrival that i saw for the first time the locked gates. The fencing around maybe easy for an 11 year old to clamber over, it certainly isnt designed for a 44 year old fella to scale. I nearly joined him in hospital to reverse a castration but thats another story.

I would however express my disappointment in human nature. The rest of the playground was busy with parents and kids. On my arrival 10-15 minutes after the phonecall my son was still lay crumpled on the ground in obvious distress with just his 11 year old mate with him - not one adult had come over to help in anyway, that will stick with me for a long time.

Anyway back to the point, warn your kids about going on this section of the park, Stepping Hill is busy enough already, lets not make it worse