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fudgepanda posted..

[QUOTE=Coleman]PCSO's are a complete waste of time and money, they don't have any power and the kids know it!

I remember years back we were having a kick about on a local field when one of these plastic police turned up and tried telling us we had to move on as we were apparently breaking all manor of laws! (we weren't by the way!)

Obviously this guy thought he was special and got some sort of power rush from it. We even then (PCSO's were a new thing) knew they were powerless so refused to move and continued with our kick about. He had no other option to radio a real police officer who proceeded to tell him "stop being a t**t"

Point is why do we have them in the first place? The only function i can see is that they are and extra pair of eyes for the police.

I stand by my suggestion, I hear the current HGHS head is a right piece of work so have no doubt that she will take action if kids are causing trouble whilst wearing the uniform. the head would and often did when i was there years ago.[/QUOTE]
Mmm, quite a lot of anti-PCSO posts, perhaps you'd like a Police Officer to attend instead. Oh, that's right, there aren't any because they're all dealing with crimes as opposed to nuisance. As the admin following most actions carried out by PCs has got longer and more involved there is less and less time for them to be on patrol. When they're not carrying out paperwork they will usually be found responding to an incident; break in, vandalism, domestic violence, sudden death, concern for welfare, road traffic collision and the like. Of course they could always recruit more Police Officers but that costs money and not many people would like an increase in their income tax/council tax. With regards to youths, Police Officers don't really have any more power than PCSOs, and as a common retort to PCs chasing off youths causing annoyance is "why don't you go and catch a murderer", you might be able to understand why they'd rather not be dealing with kids in the park. PCSOs on the other hand have the time to spend with them, and if the answer to why they're causing a nuisance is "We're bored" then often things can be found for them to do, as has been the case in most areas of Greater Manchester. As someone correctly pointed out, the PCSOs tend to know most of the youths who do cause trouble and that infromation starts to be passed on as Intelligence. If a problem persists, then through the local Inspector, Exclusion Orders can be made to make sure the problems don't persist. These Orders can't exist without intelligence and that usually comes from the much maligned PCSOs. As for their powers, someone under the age of 16 can't be issued with a PND (Penalty Notice for Disorder) by either a PC or PCSO. By spending time with youths, PCSOs can often separate the ringleaders from the hangers on and by warning the parents of the hangers on, they are often able to avoid some kids from taking the wrong turning. Without their acolytes, the disruptive ones usually get bored and move on.