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Jozee posted..

[QUOTE=Guest]jozee, where does it say that the teenagers were destroying playground equipment,abusing etc adults ?
The first post said messing with play ground equipment.
That could mean many things !

As a teenager did you never drop litter , swear or hung around a park with your mates ?

Think peoples reactions are over the top Or they arent streetwise
where are teenagers surpose to go ?
There in a recreational area to be used by everyone,
but my child wont go on the park because theres to many dogs around without leads on !!!
but weve had this topic before , so wont go there !!!
At least there not hanging around your road ![/QUOTE]

I was referring to my point about my friend and his encounter on 2 occasions with the same group of teenager last week. Read back through the first page of this thread. They were being destructive with new playground equipment in a park in the Grove. When he challenged them on 2 occasions he was met with a mouthful of abuse. Does that answer your point?

I have never said they shouldn't be in the park... but if there is often a complete lack of respect for people or property. If they aren't challenged about behaving in an acceptable way then we are in a slippery slope.
As for Torkington Park I have been in there when young children including my own, have felt intimidated by those on the skate park (despite our kids being with us).
In my opinion its about everyone using the park but respect others too. Whether its kids swearing, adults dropping litter, or inconsiderate dog owners who don't clear up.

And a final point.... No, I actually don't think I ever deliberately threw litter around. Its a pet hate of mine and I was brought up to use a bin or take it home with me. I would have been too scared to get caught dropping litter. Guess times change.