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Drifter posted..


I bet these sad moaners would rather have the kids walking the streets, playing knock a door run and garden hopping.

Then going out of their way to try to get them into trouble is VERY low, especially as the original poster clearly wasn't at the facility to use it anyway!?!


I take it you pay council tax? So, its OK that the council spend your money on providing brand new play equipment for parks and then teenagers are allowed a free for all to damage it. I don't think so, but that's just my opinion.

You need to learn how to read. You have filled the gaps in and expanded this story with falsification and lies.

Show me where the original poster said anything about them damaging things? Show me where they said anything about throwing abuse at adults? Stop making up complete rubbish.

If my money is spent on skate parcs then fine, it keeps them in a known place, gives them something to do and is their 'own space'. There is a sodding great big parc for dogs to walk and crap, why do they think they have some right to walk a dog at a facility that clearly isn't what it's designed for? Would you walk a dog around a race track?

As I say. Sad old 'twitchers' with nothing better to do. It's those types that get their phones out and sticking their noses into things that end up getting happy slapped.