User Groups

Question: How do the user groups work?


There is the standard ladder group that people move up as they make posts and contribute more to the site and there are non-ladder groups for specific types of users such as journalists and photographers.

New users join the ladder system as a Newcomer. After a small number of posts they become Villager and so on. The full list is shown below.

Good Citizen
CiviCr Citizen

The higher up in the user group ladder system you are then the more weight your reviews carry when reviewing areas and businesses.

If Newcomers join and then don't make enough posts after a certain amount of months they will become Idler until they make enough posts.

Finally if your posts are rated so badly by other members you will move down the list and eventually become Village Drunk or Parolee.

Newcomers posts must be approved by moderators before they are displayed.