Question: What smileys do you support?


If you wish to use smileys in your posts you can do so by entering the corresponding code below.

  Name Code   Name Code
airplane Airplane :airplane: alien Alien :alien:
angel Angel :angel: angry Angry :angry:
announce Announce :announce: arrogant Arrogant :arrogant:
bashful Bashful :bashful: beat-up Beat up :beat-up:
beauty Beauty :beauty: beer Beer :beer:
blush Blush :blush: bomb Bomb :bomb:
bowl Bowl :bowl: brb BRB :brb:
bug-eyes Bug Eyes :bug-eyes: bunny Bunny :bunny:
bye Goodbye :bye: cake Cake :cake:
call-me Call Me :call-me: camera Camera :camera:
can Can :can: car Car :car:
cat Cat :cat: chic Chic :chic:
chick Chick :chick: chicken Chicken :chicken:
cigarette Cigarette :cigarette: clap Clap :clap:
Clock clock :Clock: cloudy Cloudy :cloudy:
clover Clover :clover: clown Clown :clown:
coffee Coffee :coffee: coins Coins :coins:
computer Computer :computer: confused Confused :confused:
console Console :console: cool Cool :cool:
cow Cow :cow: cowboy Cowboy :cowboy:
crying Crying :crying: curl-lip Curl Lip :curl-lip:
curse Curse :curse: cute Cute :cute:
cyclops Cyclops :cyclops: dance Dance :dance:
dazed Dazed :dazed: devil Devil :devil:
disdain Disdain :disdain: doctor Doctor :doctor:
dog Dog :dog: doh Doh :doh:
dont-know Dont Know :dont-know: drink Drink :drink:
drool Drool :drool: duck Duck :duck:
eat Eat :eat: evil-grin Evil Grin :evil-grin:
eyeroll Eye Roll :eyeroll: female Female :female:
fighter-f Fighter Female :fighter-f: fighter-m Fighter Male :fighter-m:
film Film :film: fingers-xd Finger Grin :fingers-xd:
foot-in-mouth Foot In Mouth :foot-in-mouth: frown Frown :frown:
frown-big Big Frown :frown-big: ghost Ghost :ghost:
giggle Giggle :giggle: goat Goat :goat:
go-away Go Away :go-away: grin Grin :grin:
hammer Hammer :hammer: handcuffs Handcuffs :handcuffs:
handshake Handshake :handshake: heart Heart :heart:
heartbroken Heart Broken :heartbroken: highfive High Five :highfive:
hippo Hippo :hippo: hug-left Hug Left :hug-left:
hug-right Hug Right :hug-right: hypnotized Hypnotized :hypnotized:
in-love In Love :in-love: island Island :island:
jump Jump :jump: kiss Kiss :kiss:
kiss-blow Blow Kiss :kiss-blow: kissed Kissed :kissed:
kissing Kissing :kissing: knife Knife :knife:
koala Koala :koala: lamp Lamp :lamp:
lashes Lashes :lashes: laugh Laugh :laugh:
lion Lion :lion: liquor Liquor :liquor:
loser Loser :loser: lying Lying :lying:
mail Mail :mail: male Male :male:
mean Mean :mean: meeting Meeting :meeting:
mobile Mobile :mobile: mohawk Mohawk :mohawk:
moneymouth Money Mouth :moneymouth: monkey Monkey :monkey:
monkey2 Monkey 2 :monkey2: moon Moon :moon:
mouse Mouse :mouse: music Music :music:
musical-note Musical Note :musical-note: nailbiting Nail Biting :nailbiting:
nerd Nerd :nerd: neutral Neutral :neutral:
on-the-phone On The Phone :on-the-phone: pain Pain :pain:
panda Panda :panda: party Party :party:
peace Peace :peace: phone Phone :phone:
pig Pig :pig: pill Pill :pill:
pirate Pirate :pirate: pissed-off Pissed Off :pissed-off:
pizza Pizza :pizza: plate Plate :plate:
poop Poop :poop: pray Pray :pray:
present Present :present: pumpkin Pumpkin :pumpkin:
question Question :question: quiet Quiet :quiet:
rain Rain :rain: rainbow Rainbow :rainbow:
razz Razz :razz: razz-drunk Razz Drunk :razz-drunk:
razz-mad Razz Mad :razz-mad: really-angry Really Angry :really-angry:
really-pissed Really Pissed Off :really-pissed: reindeer Reindeer :reindeer:
Rose Rose :Rose: rose-dead Dead Rose :rose-dead:
rotfl ROTFL :rotfl: sarcastic Sarcastic :sarcastic:
search Search :search: secret Secret :secret:
shame Shame :shame: sheep Sheep :sheep:
shock Shock :shock: Shout Shout :Shout:
shut-mouth Shut Mouth :shut-mouth: sick Sick :sick:
sidefrown Side Frown :sidefrown: silly Silly :silly:
Skeleton Skeleton :Skeleton: Skywalker Skywalker :Skywalker:
sleepy Sleepy :sleepy: smile Smile :smile:
smile-big Smile Big :smile-big: smirk Smirk :smirk:
snail Snail :snail: snicker Snicker :snicker:
snowman Snowman :snowman: soccerball Football :soccerball:
soldier Soldier :soldier: star Star :star:
starving Starving :starving: stop Stop :stop:
struggle Struggle :struggle: sun Sun :sun:
sweat Sweat :sweat: talktohand Talk To The Hand :talktohand:
teeth Teeth :teeth: thinking Thinking :thinking:
thumbs-down Thumbs Down :thumbs-down: thumbs-up Thumbs Up :thumbs-up:
thunder Thunder :thunder: tiger Tiger :tiger:
time-out Time Out :time-out: tremble Tremble :tremble:
turtle Turtle :turtle: tv TV :tv:
umbrella Umbrella :umbrella: vampire Vampire :vampire:
victory Victory :victory: waiting Waiting :waiting:
watermelon Watermelon :watermelon: waving Waving :waving:
weep Weep :weep: wilt Wilt :wilt:
wink Wink :wink: worship Worship :worship:
yawn Yawn :yawn: yin-yang Yin Yang :yin-yang:
zombie-killer Zombie Killer :zombie-killer: