Format Codes

Text Formatting

Format Code Result
[B]Bold[/B] Bold
[I]Italic[/I] Italic
[U]Underline[/U] Underline

Text Fonts

Format Code Result
[FONT=Arial]Arial[/FONT] Arial
[FONT=Courier]Courier[/FONT] Courier
[FONT=Times]Times[/FONT] Times
[FONT=Verdana]Verdana[/FONT] Verdana

Text Sizing

Format Code Result
[SIZE=1]Font Size 1[/SIZE] Font Size 1
[SIZE=2]Font Size 2[/SIZE] Font Size 2
[SIZE=3]Font Size 3[/SIZE] Font Size 3
[SIZE=4]Font Size 4[/SIZE] Font Size 4
[SIZE=5]Font Size 5[/SIZE] Font Size 5

Text Colouring

Format Code Result
[COLOR=BLACK]Black Font[/COLOR] Black Font
[COLOR=BLUE]Blue Font[/COLOR] Blue Font
[COLOR=RED]Red Font[/COLOR] Red Font
[COLOR=GREEN]Green Font[/COLOR] Green Font
[COLOR=YELLOW]Yellow Font[/COLOR] Yellow Font
[COLOR=ORANGE]Orange Font[/COLOR] Orange Font
[COLOR=BROWN]Brown Font[/COLOR] Brown Font
[COLOR=MAGENTA]Magenta Font[/COLOR] Magenta Font
[COLOR=CYAN]Cyan Font[/COLOR] Cyan Font


Format Code
[Quote=Username]Quoted Message With Username[/QUOTE]
[Quote]Quoted Message[/QUOTE]

Images and Links

Format Code Result
[URL=]My Link[/URL] My Link
[]My Email[/EMAIL] My Email

Youtube Clips

You can add Youtube clips by adding the the video ID between the special youtube brackets.

You can find out the youtube video ID by looking at the URL.

For example the video "" you would want the part in red.

Format Code