Norbury Farm Cafe Reviews

Norbury Farm, Jacksons Lane, Hazel Grove, Stockport, SK7 5JS

9 9 / 10 from 2 Reviews

Mixed fortunes...

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Posted 13th April 2013 at 7:06PM by Fi_nix

Bit of a mixed bag. Most of our food was OK but a couple of things let it down. Partner got stale, luke warm chips, however, his ham and cheese omelette was "fantastic". I was supposed to have sirloin on ciabatta, however, it arrived on a basic floury white bread roll. Steak was fantastic though!

The children both had burgers, however, neither much liked the taste. I have to say, that's probably down to the kids expecting /wishing for crappy McDonalds type burgers, whereas the ones at Norbury Farm are the real deal, full of good, home-grown beef.

Puddings went a bit odd. Both children asked for brownies and when they came, one was much darker brown and chocolatey than the other. I tasted both and the darker one was far nicer. Don't know what that was all about.

Service was friendly and on the whole, very good. Food took a while to arrive, however, I think it was cooked from scratch, therefore, wait was understandable.

One toilet for males and one for females. The one I used was clean, apart from the rammy green carpet/rug which needed firing straight in the bin!

So as my title says, bit of a mixed bag but overall, good and I would go again.



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