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1 Macclesfield Road, Hazel Grove, Stockport, SK7 5EG

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Posted 17th August 2012 at 8:42AM by Belvoir
The lads who work un the shop are very helpfull. I had to get a part so that my husband could fix his Mums toilet..
I was advised that I did'nt need the full part but only a very small bit of it.. the guy even replaced the small bit onto the exsisting part and it only cost a fraction of what we thought we had to pay!!
It was'nt a one off either!! I was 'sent' back the next day to get a pipe for said toilet that had corroded !!.anyway they were just as helpfull and very friendly!!

The moral of this is.. if you are female and are 'asked' to get something plumbing related do not hesitate to go to Hazel Grove Plumbing Supplies ..


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