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89 Victoria Road, Ruislip, HA4 9BH

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Once is enough

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Posted 19th March 2013 at 10:20PM by Poppy S.
I had the misfortune to be curious about this place with its very inviting name to go for lunch there today, I wish i hadn't. Once i was seated, i was given a menu and I duly ordered, prawn dim sum (£3), Seafood noddle soup (£6.70) and Chinese Tea (£1). I asked for my dim sum to come first and soup after. You would expect to be brought the drink immediately but not here, I waited for 15 mins and asked the waiter what was happening with my tea, to which he said it should be out shortly. I had to wait a further 5 mins before i eventually got the tea. Tea is tea, and i don't think it takes that long to prepare.

I then got given my dim sum (would not recommend) tasted as if it had just been defrosted and then steamed. No sauce to accompany the dim sum and I got given a fork and spoon to eat it with (very presumptious that i can't use chop sticks, i had to actually ask for some as its not eack to eat the dim sum with a fork. Yet worse was to come!

The soup was such a disappointment. The broth had no flavour at all, The scallops were overcooked and the squid was so chewy that i could bring myself to eat it. The noddles looked like left overs and not good at all.

The make matters worse, as i was waiting to be served, 3 members of staff sat behind me having their lunch while as if forgetting that they have a customer.

I got the distinct feeling that this place is trying to be like Noddle City (Harrow) and failing miserably. Unless the food and staff improve/change, i have no intention of going back and wouldn't recommend anyone go there either.
Rating: 4/10
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