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213 London Road, Hazel Grove, Stockport, SK7 4HS

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Posted 1st June 2013 at 9:20PM by PW83

I would like to highlight the treatment I have received from Gemini Bathrooms in Hazel Grove Stockport.
I had a bathroom designed and installed by Gemini just over 2 years ago
After the installation I raised a complaint immediately as the bathroom designed did not match what they had installed with flooring being unfinished despite having digital design with that area tilled. I was then forced to accept a lining alternative.
The bathroom installation was of a very poor quality with the grout changing colour and the tiles being uneven the owner agreed they were at fault and after inspecting the work he agreed to start the job again ripping the bathroom out and restarting the job. My Concerns were raised on 09/02/12 and the work was recompleted by Sept 2012.
Following the work being completed the second time I raised concerns regarding cracking in the ceiling and grout and generally shoddy work – I was told I was being petty (See pictures attached) I was told that nothing further would be done for me and that I should be grateful that they had done the bathroom again – a comical response meaning I had to put up with disruption of two installations.
The latest story in this tale is the toilet seat breaking given the bathroom has only been ‘completed’ since September 2012, so I went to Gemini on 22.05.13 where they told me they don’t sell them. The issue with this is the toilet supplied doesn’t have the standard fittings and I have been unable to source a replacement seat from Major suppliers such as B&Q.
Gemini rang me on 23.05.13 to advised me that the company that makes the toilet has gone out of business, I agreed that this is not Gemini’s fault however as the supplier and fitter of the bathroom they had a duty of care to help me, they said they did not. I asked for this in writing to which I was told I would get a call back this never occurred. I have series of emails which you can see below chasing a solution to no avail.
I am left with a bathroom which I cannot get a toilet seat for, The bathroom is falling to pieces with shoddy workmanship and an owner who clearly doesn’t care about his customers and rather insults them with comments like ‘you are being petty’ and ‘it’s because your house must be moving’ ‘you obviously are using the wrong type of cleaning products’ (none were recommended at point of sale and standard cleaners are used)
Rating: 1/10
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Nightmare Bathroom Fit. Like 0 Disike 0 Report  
13th June 2013 at 8:15PM
Sorry to hear of your 'Nightmare' of a New Bathroom that has not been up to a required standard.
Put all your complaints in writing and give to the proprietor of the bathroom co. request that the remedial work is completed within six weeks and failing that you will get a competent bathroom fitting company to do the work and make then you will make a claim through small claims court to pay for the new work done. Take photos of shoddy work before any new work is done.
Firstly try SMBC Trading Standards and see what they have to say - that may help. Although, what we know of SMBC, they may not be of any help either.

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