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Macclesfield Road, Hazel Grove, Stockport, SK7 6BE

7.8 7.8 / 10 from 4 Reviews

The ’new’ Fiveways...

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Posted 21st March 2014 at 10:57PM by Fi_nix
Finally gave it a try after so many friends had raved about it.

The refurb is, in my opinion, superb. Love it, love it, love it.

The staff were friendly and attentive.

The food was...well, it was alright. Look, I don't want to whinge on and put people off going but the food was pretty average tonight. The nacho sharing starters were odd. Bit like flat, slightly soggy pastry and not what I expect when I order nachos. The sirloin was good enough but I can do 'good enough' myself, at home! The salad was a bit tired and the chips (skinny fries and the thicker ones) were OK but I wondered if the oil needed changing.

The puddings are massive. I mean seriously massive and very lovely.

For a place to go for a drink and meet up with friends and family, it's brilliant. For a meal, it's OK but I think it could up it's game a bit. For what we paid, I'd expect it fresher, leaner and more 'wow' less 'oh'.

Will try it again in a month or so as I'm aware, tonight might have been a one-off and I think you should give eateries a second chance.


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3rd May 2014 at 5:59PM
So, as promised, gave this place another try this afternoon and again, it was average food. The service etc all good but the starters were tepid and the main courses limp. Puddings excellent.

The refurb is so good, I really hope they improve it on the food because it would be a travesty if this place goes down the drain again, just because the food is so average for the price being paid.
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22nd June 2017 at 3:32PM
I used to go in regularly but not been in for a while, so decided to celebrate my birthday there last week. I booked a table for 10 people and on arrival we ordered drinks and settled down to order our meal. Two of our party wanted a carvery, but on seeing the display of unappetising dry-looking vegetables decided against it and chose something from the menu.
Of the ten people dining, not one said they really enjoyed their meal. From 'scalding' hot leek and potato soup with a film of skin on the top, pressumably straight from the microwave, to an over-cooked KFC burger which was burnt on one side (this was pointed out to staff who offered to replace it but was declined and we weren't charged for it) The rest of our meals were average at best.
We won't be going back to the Fiveways for a meal any day soon. Which is a pity, because the pub itself is great, it's interior is spacious and it has a large patio area at the front with heated table umbrellas. The beer is good (Holts bitter)and the staff are helpful and pleasant.
Holts have spent in excess of £1 million in refurbishing the Fiveways, it's a shame they can't sort out the standard of food. I
know numerous people who frequent this establishment and the majority are in agreement - the food is very average.

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