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In the heart of Fife, Glenrothes also popularly known as Glenrotten, was established in 1948 largely to house workers who were to work at a major coal mine- the Rothes Colliery. The Colliery closed within 6 years of opening due to flooding and geological issues and it went down hill from there.

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Glenrothes Reviews

Pigs a' Glenrothes
Ever noticed that the coppers don't arrest ned scum who terrorise folk because they've got fuck all else better to do. This is because they don't want to give the...

the truth
i just want to say that the person who wrote about glenrothes in the other aticle is a complte lyer, half of what he says is rubbish, i have lived in glenrothes for ...

too right man
A lived in Glenrotten for 10 years the best thibg a done was get oot, a know Mansfield is in Dirty England but the locals are pleasent, every time a walked intae the...


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