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Clacton-on-Sea is a seaside resort which attracts many tourists in the summer but which like other English resorts has been in decline since foreign holidays became more fashionable. The town is home to many attractions including the pleasure pier, the arcades, a golf course and some excellent beaches. There’s also an airfield which hosts the popular annual Clacton Air show.
The cliff top public gardens are well worth a visit as are the wide range of shops, restaurants and hotels near the town centre and seafront. The oldest part of the town is Great Clacton, comprised of an attractive set of shops, pubs and restaurants, all under the shadow of the 12th Century Parish Church. Clacton also has two theatres, the West Cliff Theatre and the Princes Theatre and was once the home of one of the oldest Butlins sites in the UK, but in 1983, it was closed and replaced with the Martello Bay housing estate.

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