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Banchory (Scottish Gaelic: ''Beannchar'') is a burgh in Kincardineshire, Scotland, where the Feugh River meets the River Dee The name is thought to be derived from Scottish Gaelic for "horned" or "forked" and also relates to "by the bends", the "bends" being those of the River Dee, however the name could also derive from the former Christian College founded by St Ternan. It is claimed that Ternan was a follower of St Ninian. He established a college on the banks of the River Dee to teach Christianity and agriculture to the local Picts. The village and parish was called Banchory Ternan until the 1970's. The original Gaelic form is almost identical to that of Bangor, Northern Ireland.
Local landmarks include Scolty, a hill topped by a tower monument, a memorial to General Burnett who fought alongside Wellington.
It has a small museum and is the birthplace of James Scott Skinner. It is growing rapidly with a new housing estate at the Hill of Banchory and a new primary school. Banchory Academy is also situated in the town and it among the better public (as in state) schools in Scotland. There are a number of hotels and restaurants in the village notably the Stag Hotel, the Burnett Arms, and the Douglas Arms. There are also a number of shops including newsagents, sports shops and chemists. Banchory is a tourist destination and venue of the Banchory Show which occurs in summer. Local sports teams include Banchory St Ternan football club, the Banchory Beavers swimming team and the Banchory Stags Basketball Club. Banchory also has three other football teams which compete in the mid-deeside summer league (banchory thistle, Banchory youth and Banchory stoats).

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