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Gamlingay is a village in Cambridgeshire, England, on the border with Bedfordshire. An ancient village featured in the Domesday Book, the name comes from the Old English ''Gamelingei'' meaning "an enclosure of Gamela's people". There has been a settlement on the site since the Bronze Age, but artifacts dating back to the Palaeolithic period have been found within the village. The village is steeped in history, with lots of listed buildings throughout the village. There also used to be at one time 52 pubs in Gamlingay to serve the coach routes from London. It is thought that Dick Turpin rode through the village on his way up North. The stone for the building of the church was from a quarry within the village. This quarry then offered the perfect location for an archery range. Being dug into the ground it was a safe area where archery could be practiced, and thus was named `The Butts'. In medieval times it was a requirement that all men over a certain age, were capable of using a bow and arrow. The Butts is now a children's play area.

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