Eaton Socon

A Town in St Neots

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Eaton Socon is a district of St Neots in Cambridgeshire, England. It was originally a village in Bedfordshire along with the neighbouring village of Eaton Ford, but officially became part of the town in 1965. Eaton Socon changed relatively little until this time, but upon its inclusion into Cambridgeshire a significant amount of development took place to the west of the village into the 1980s with areas covering Monarch Road and the upper end of Nelson Road being developed in a particularly short space of time.

Eaton Socon lies close to the west bank of the River Great Ouse. There is a weir (constructed in 1967) and associated lock gates to allow river navigation. The riverbank is home to a popular local inn 'The River Mill'. The parish church, St Mary's is located on the picturesque green in the centre of the village, it burned down in the 1930s after a fire started in the Organ, but was completely rebuilt in the original style soon after.

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St Neots

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