Why Join The Team

As a CiviCr Local franchisee you would run your own CiviCr Local area. You would be responsible for creating a vibrant local website for your area community that delivers great local leads to customers and businesses. It would be your responsibility with our help and support to run the area and get the local advertisers on board.

You'll become the key local community publisher and digital marketing agency providing a highly responsive range of content and services to your community and local businesses alike. You will be an integral part of the CiviCr Local community.

  • For users: an online hub for local news, discussions and groups
  • For businesses: a one-stop-shop for promoting themselves in their area
  • For franchisees: an unrivalled opportunity for you to run a rewarding local business on your terms

Running a CiviCr Local franchise has many great benefits:

  • Financially rewarding: With a CiviCr Local franchise, you could build a substantial monthly income over £1,000. With several different revenue channels and more in the pipeline you’ll provide a range of marketing services that work for local businesses. Getting to this point will take hard work and dedication, but once there your customers could pay on a repeat basis, so even if you take some time off, the money keeps rolling in.
  • Flexible working terms: As an internet franchise, CiviCr Local gives you the ability to generate significant income for yourself on your terms. You can work the hours that you want, from wherever you want, giving you unrivalled control over your work-life balance. You also don’t need to worry about the hassle of dealing with stock or securing a property to work from.
  • Community based: As you will be dealing with the businesses and issues that matter to your area, you will become known as a leading figure in the local community. Not only as a valued supplier to local businesses, but also as a champion of the most pressing issues facing the community.
  • Excellent support: You will receive everything you need to run a successful franchise, and have the reassurance that we are continually investing in further improvements to CiviCr Local.
  • Cutting edge technology: The CiviCr Local platform is incredibly powerful, and being developed all the time whilst remaining extremely easy to use without the need for technical expertise.