How it Works

Our franchise programme is for people who want to run an entire area of the site and share in the revenues associated with that area. It takes considerable effort to build an area up, from meeting with local businesses and community groups to adding content such as photos and reviews, engaging on the forum, sparking debates and reporting news and events. You need to be hard working and have a large amount of community spirit in you.

The rewards accrue as you build a stable franchise that becomes the main online focal point for your particular community with repeat sales and the ground work comlpeted. CiviCr Local provide ongoing support and will help you every step of the way in building up and maintaining your community.

How You Earn Money

You will take a direct percentage of all sales associated with your area. This includes all the listings and pages sold to businesses by affiliates or not that have your area set as their primary parent location and all advertisements targeted at your area pages. This percentage can be as much as 60%.

This does not include global advertisements shown across the entire site (i.e. the non-local adverts)

How you Build up Your Area

By submitting content as any user would. By using the area admin control to change the look and feel of the site. by adding news, photos, events, reviews and discussions to the site. By going out to businesses and community groups and telling them about your site. By spreading word of mouth details about the site. By encouraging engagement in the community in any way you can. By flyering the local area and putting stickers in shop windows. By working with CiviCr Local affiliates and businesses to build the site up.

We will provide advice and assistance throughout.

How Payments are Made

We send a cheque to your address. Payments are processed at month end and will only be made once your account is owed at least £100.


Franchisees pay £249.99 for 2 years to cover setup costs and to deter timewasters. This is a renewable licence with CiviCr Local

Renewal and Termination

We assume that all franchises will continue to be renewed on an ongoing basis. We will only ever terminate franchises at the request of the franchisee or if at the renewal phase the area the franchisee is responsible for is performing considerably worse than the rest of the site.