How Affiliation Works on CiviCr Local

Any user can sign up to join the affiliate programme. You are given a unique affiliate code which you will then use to associate your businesses and sales to your user account. You can only become a particular businesses affiliate after you have sold a service or product to them.

What Affiliates Sell

You will be selling business listings and advertising on the website.

You will earn commission on these sales.

How to Make Sales

You can sell directly in person to businesses guiding them through the CiviCr Local business database sales options (entering your affiliate code on the transaction page). Or you can make sales through your own personal website using one of our widgets.

When a business administrator is logged in they can see 'Promote my Business' options on their business page from where they can buy business listings.

You may need to sign the business administrator up to CiviCr Local and help them create their business page before guiding them through and selling the listings and links.

How Payments are made

We send a cheque to your address. Payments are processed at month end and will only be made once your account is owed at least £100.


There are no up front costs for you.

Percentage of Sales Affiliates earn.

We offer up to 60% of all CiviCr Local sales revenue that you generate. This percentage is negotiated individually. The percentage can increase based upon performance.