Local Business Listings

Affiliates can generate a large, sustainable income by helping local businesses promote themselves to the local community. Our business directory is woven into the fabric of the CiviCr Local sites, making finding local businesses a core part of what we offer.

From our existing network of sites we know that advertisers with enhanced listings in a CiviCr Local directory consistently attract quality leads that result in incremental business and that spend with CiviCr Local is returned many times over.

Affiliates that put the work into selling enhanced listings and other services to businesses can feel comfortable that not only are they helping out local businesses with an effective marketing service, but they are also building themselves a stable, recurring income built on direct debit subscriptions.

The key marketing services that we sell to advertisers are:

Business listings

Listings are a great way for businesses to raise their profile and generate awareness, and are central to CiviCr Local’s business model. As a affiliate you will be selling enhanced listings to businesses first and foremost, and from there selling them additional marketing products based on their needs.

Whilst any business can claim their listing and add basic information for free, we offer businesses enhanced listings that help them stand out from the crowd and attract more customers.

Enhanced listings get:

  • Higher position in categories
  • Promoted phone number
  • Business description
  • Photos
  • Documents (e.g. menus, rate cards or events details)
  • Website links
  • Keyword tags
  • Contact form
  • Ability to respond to user reviews

Display advertising

Businesses can get additional exposure by buying display advertising that is shown either across an entire CiviCr Local website, or specifically in the categories that are relevant to them.

Website construction and SEO / SEM support

We can create separate websites for businesses quickly and easily, providing them with an effective online presence without the hassle of buying the domain, tendering for a developer, sorting out hosting and so on. Our site building services covers all the features and add-ons that your customers will want at an affordable price.