Earn on CiviCr Local: Introduction

CiviCr Local offers two ways to earn an income through the website. Our affiliate programme and our franchise programme.

Affiliate Programme

Affiliates gain exclusive rights on CiviCr Local to sell services and products to businesses, sharing directly in a percentage of all of their sales. Each business has only one affiliate and you become affiliated by selling CiviCr Local services to the business. This allows the affiliate to build up a portfolio of businesses on CiviCr Local which they are responsible for winning repeat sales from and ensuring they are happy with the service received.

Franchise Programme

Our franchise programme is for people who want to run an entire area of the site and share in the revenues associated with that area. It takes considerable effort to build an area up, from meeting with local businesses and community groups to adding content such as photos and reviews, engaging on the forum, sparking debates and reporting news and events. You need to be hard working and have a large amount of community spirit in you. The rewards accrue as you build a stable franchise that becomes the main online focal point for your particular community with repeat sales and the ground work comlpeted. CiviCr Local provide ongoing support and will help you every step of the way in building up and maintaining your community.

Percentages of Profit sharing

We offer up to 60% of all CiviCr Local sales revenue that you generate or derive from your areas.

Upfront Costs

There are no upfront costs to becoming an affiliate but you can only earn money by generating sales.

Franchisees pay £249.99 for 2 years to cover setup costs and to deter timewasters.

Can't find a business or place?

We do not yet cover every area, community or business but we aim to. We can add areas and businesses that you want to work with. You just need to let us know on our Community Suggestion page.

Getting Started

If you want to start building an income on CiviCr Local then please read through for more information and then use the apply page for affiliates or franchise.