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We are a news platform with more than one view for the same story.

On the one hand we strive to provide neutral journalism and to support traditional journalism generally.

On the other we present a mixture of alternative viewpoints and appeal to the social media generation.

We intend to amuse, educate and inform. We want to help keep real journalistic inquiry alive.

CiviCr is contributed by the website users. The Civic Reporter is created by the newspaper.

More than One View

Countering the problems of objectivity, echo chambers and post-truth politics.

CiviCr lets you post your version of the story. An algorithm decides which stories reach the front page.

Use examples:

  • Left / Right
  • Basic View / In Depth
  • Sensationalist / Wider context and perspective
  • Post Truth / Factual

CiviCr Local - We're all gonna make it

Traditional news media is undergoing immense change. Local newspaper business models are no longer viable.

But local journalism is critical to civic and political engagement as well as fostering community integration.

We provide a platform which supports local and citizen journalism.

We aim to encourage and support local journalism, inform on local affairs and hold powers to account.

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You can earn a living by running a local area and sharing in the advertising revenue for that area.

Find the local area and follow the franchise links or contact us.

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