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Yaxley PC’s share of the council tax

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Yaxley PC’s share of the council tax
13th January 2012 at 11:49AM
I wonder if the amount of council tax we pay to the Parish Council will rise as always this year?

Interestingly enough neighbours Farcet Parish Council have cut theirs see below!

"Decrease in Farcet Parish Rate for 2012 - 13

The Council have reduced the Parish Rate (the amount
the Parish Council collects from residents) by 3.18%

Councillors met in November and worked hard by looking
at every level of council spending from stamps to
maintenance and made cuts where they could. The meeting
lasted a couple of hours and every amount was trimmed

There should be no obvious effect on the village from these
cuts and cost-savings. County, District and Parish Councils
have all worked hard to minimise disruption whilst providing
the same level of service."

Wonder if our Council have worked hard to cut ours?

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