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Welcome - please read before posting.
17th May 2010 at 10:52AM
Afternoon all,
As the forum is getting a bit more use I thought I would publish a welcome post for people who have just discovered us.

Here are some key points about this website.

* It is an interactive community site. You don't have to register to post on our message board but if you are a member of the site you can log in and submit, not just posts on the forum, but articles and reviews to do with the village.
*As with the old forum, staff members of this site do have the power to remove content from the message board that is unsuitable and not publish articles that do not comply with the sites code of conduct.
*When you submit a story, please bear in mind it will not appear online straight away so please be patient.
* I am desperately keen to find some other people would would like to be admins for the site and get involved. See the other sticky thread on the forum for details.

Please enjoy yourself and let's promote Yaxley as a positive and good place to live.
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