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Do we need more homes?

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Do we need more homes?
13th September 2012 at 2:42PM, Edit: 13th September 2012 at 2:48PM by Fairplay
I see an outline planning application has been submitted to HDC to build 81 homes on the Snowcap Mushroom site and on land in Mere View.

It has been submitted by R&H Estates the company that has built the industrial estate further up the road and also wishes to re-develop Burgess's old factory site into more industrial units!

At the present moment in time I do not think that Yaxley can sustain another estate of 81 houses, the village does not have the infrastructure to cope with even more strain on it's services. Our schools / pre schools are full we bus hundreds of secondary school pupils out of the village daily because the powers that be didn't have the foresight to buy up available land to build a secondary school on. This site would be ideal for such a project.

What I am concerned about is the fact that this estate will be so close to Clarksteel and other small independent businesses situated in Willow Road that given time complaints from "new residents" about noise etc that these businesses may make may well force closure upon them. Something that the planners will overlook at the time of granting the application.

The document goes onto say that this development meets the housing requirements and needs of Yaxley! It also states that the Parish Council have expressed support in principle of residential development on this site. How do they justify that?

I am sure that R&H Estates will offer Section 106 money to the Parish Council to help assist in the granting of this development but what will this benefit have for the current residents, amother couple of football pitches for non residents use?

For those interested in the proposals the link is


type in 1201352OUT into the search box.
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