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Whitby is a Town in..

North Yorkshire

Whitby, in North Yorkshire is a famous fishing port and tourist destination. For centuries it has provided a safe haven for shipping and fishing fleets. Situated at the mouth of the River Esk, the picturesque town has developed on the steep slopes cut out by the river. Quaint cobbled streets bustle as they run down through the town to the busy quayside below, while St. Hilda's Abbey dominates the skyline from East cliff.

Full of history and folklore, 199 steps lead up to the church of St Mary’s, whose graveyard inspired the famous story of Dracula. Well-known for its rich seafaring past, Whitby’s most famous son was the great voyager, Captain James Cook. The town was once a major whaling port, this can best be seen by the giant whalebone arch standing on top of West cliff.

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Whitby hosts the twice-yearly Whitby Got...

Has three Sister Cities - Anchorage, Ala...

In 867, the abbey was attacked by Viking...


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