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Its not bad

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Posted 10th September 2006 at 11:33AM by Stopfordian77
I feel like Stockport is a place on the up, there is always a good new development going on. The area opposite the peel centre has all just been redeveloped last year and now there is a new Tesco and plans for the Asda area to be rebuilt.

It does have a slight reputation for badly behaved youths but I'm sure its no worse than in any other major town in the country and yes there is still some to do on improving areas like grand central (squares and H+H) but I see a lot of improvement.

I mean, the plaza cinema has been regenerated which is a fantastic building and theres the still rather new Hat museum and the brand new Staircase house museum. And Stockport has a lot of grand architecture which most people might not realise at first but when you add them all up you've got the town hall, the infirmary, the library, all the old factories, the plaza, art gallery, the market building, st marys church and alot of the pubs and probably a lot more which i cant remember and the train station is all new and state of the art.
Rating: 10/10
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