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rising sun Rating: 10/10
Review for The Rising Sun
By saidy on 24th January 2010

Hi had a visit to the rising sun today after seeing the report in the local news and have to say congratulations to all the staff for making me feel welcom . the attmosphere and food was just fantastic , one of the best roast dinners ive had in a long time all the little touches at the table were very thoughtful not the usual for local pubs in the area we will certainly be visiting a lot more im sorry to say in recent yrs we have not used our pubs but if they all too...

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Poynton? Rating: 10/10
Review for Poynton
By Rob-lander on 17th December 2009

As villages/towns go, Poynton is fairly standard, in fact it's about as standard as you get. It's got its congestion problems and what not but then it has a fairly nice canal and some scenic areas. There are a couple of industrial estates that provide all the jobs. Some nice little pubs here and there, some good restaurants and a good quality high school. Like most places, it's got its good areas and its bad ones but overall I quite like it.

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Memories Rating: 10/10
Review for Hazel Grove
By Lynda Johnson on 4th March 2009

I left Hazel Gove in 1977 when I married. I then left England and emingrated to Australia. I have fond memories of Hazel Grove, but I would be probably be horrified at the changes that have occurred. I know that things change, but reading the comments, it seems to have changed for the worse. Still love England, and always will.

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Bramhall memories Rating: 10/10
Review for Bramhall
By Phil on 1st November 2006

My Mum was born in Bramhall in 1913 at 193 Moss Lane. It was a second hand shop.I suppose you would call it an antique shop today.The premises became the Bramhall chippy in the sixties and Mum told us all she was born in the front room exactly where the frying range is now.She had a great sense of humour and was popular with everyone.As a young lady she was called a brazen hussy for daring to ride a bicycle around the village.Her father had moved to Bramall (no letter H) f...

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Its not bad Rating: 10/10
Review for Stockport
By Stopfordian77 on 10th September 2006

I feel like Stockport is a place on the up, there is always a good new development going on. The area opposite the peel centre has all just been redeveloped last year and now there is a new Tesco and plans for the Asda area to be rebuilt. It does have a slight reputation for badly behaved youths but I'm sure its no worse than in any other major town in the country and yes there is still some to do on improving areas like grand central (squares and H+H) but I see a lot of...

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hazel grove is top Rating: 10/10
Review for Hazel Grove
By lil_missnewton on 11th June 2006

Hazel Grove is top, its got everythin u need. Its a gr8 place 2 live,its got hospital,parks,big supermarkets,local farms and stables, a good long row of all types of shops along A6,schools,its got a good night life,library,its even got a mcdonalds and its own shoe shop winsors also opening a marks n spensors aswel, oh cant 4get 2 mension sainburys or my aunti may get upset.So its basically got everything u need i cant possibly point out everything theres so much more.Hazel...

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Best fish & chips in Stockport. Rating: 10/10
Review for Cape Cod Fish Bar
By BigTed on 10th February 2014

Called in here the other day - what a surprise! Perfect crisp chips with soft fluffy centres , accompanied by fish with light crispy batter. A joy to eat, and a huge portion. Not the usual soggy chips kept hot for ages then served as fresh and none of the ancient fish in slimy undercooked batter. Why would you even consider a takeaway from across the road when a true British healthy icon exists at Cape Cod. Many thanks - Cape Cod will be seeing a lot more of me.

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horrid Rating: 1/10
Review for A6 Taxis
By derek J. on 28th August 2013

I would NOT recommend this company they are disgraceful. drivers are rude and cant speak proper English, need directing to every job.

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Chester Road Rating: 10/10
Review for Hazel Grove
By Christine Corris on 5th July 2010

May I set the record straight with regard to the Traffic Management scheme on Chester Road. The origins of this go back over four years when the Council was contacted by local residents in the area wanting something done to reduce the speed of traffic along Chester Road. Two years ago The Council Officers came up with a definitive scheme and the first of two public consultations was launched. There followed three public meetings attended by over 200 people. Following c...

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Rating: 1/10
By Ll W on 18th April 2016
I am utterly disgusted with the service received at your store. I was served by the rude Wendy who my family have done business with for many years more recently we had a brought a high end bathroom with the agreement of a bathroom mirror(which wa...

Rating: 10/10
By Richard T. on 26th November 2015
Today I had my first visit to Napoli Café, Very pleasant, friendly staff, Latte and a Sausage & Bacon barm. I shall be going again very soon, so there's not long to decide what else to try from the menu. Excellent!

Rating: 10/10
By Mr B. on 31st October 2015
If you want a very good local golf club with friendly members, have a look at Hazel Grove Golf Club on Buxton Road. Roll up & speak to the excellent Professional James & give it a try. You will not be disappointed. Happy golfing.

Rating: 10/10
By Ben T. on 28th May 2015
Mehfil is what used to be 'the olive' and is by far the best indian takeaway in Hazel Grove, the customer service is great, they are very friendly and willing to deliver to your door. as a long-term customer I have tried several dishes and think ...

Rating: 10/10
By gaynor E. on 13th April 2015
Visited today. A wonderful warm welcome excellent service and high quality food at reasonable prices. A must to visit if you are in the area