Stockport People

A Town in Greater Manchester

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Famous People

Paul Tyree
The soul singer and publican Paul Tyree was born here in 1966.
Born in Stockport
Carry On actor Peter Butterworth was born in Bramhall, Stockport on the 4th February 1919. He died on the 16th...
Famous Person
In 1942, Royal Marine James Conway, a 22 years old ex-Co-Op milkman from Stockport, was one of the famous "Coc...
Famous Person
Sir Joseph Whitworth (21 December 1803 22 January 1887) Engineer and Philanthropist. Born on John Street Sto...
Famous Person
Fred Perry - 1909 - 1995. Born in Stockport. Was a tennis player and three-time Wimbledon champion and his nam...
Famous Person
Richard Cobden - Stockport MP from 1841-1847 famous for helping to repeal the corn laws