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Carnival Scrapped
Historic Stockport carnivals to be scrapped over rising costs and red tape28 May 2014 04:06 PM By Alex ScapensTwo major events go ahead for the final time after council withdraws free staff and says organisers must foot insurance ...

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"Can any cllr's tell me if there's any plans to sort this section of middlewood near high lane a6 and middlewood station as its been boggy and muddy for years now and nobody seems to do anything about yet this morning running down it I'm watching o..."

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"Was just looking at the design of the new a6 section and it has non pedestrianised signal lights near norbury rail crossing and was wondering why they haven't made them pedestrianised if they're bothering to put lights in, there doesn't appear to ..."

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"Hi All A reminder that my surgery will be held this weekend at the Library between 9am and 11am this Saturday 23rd January. Anyone is welcome to discuss whichever subject they wish. I am also able to arrange appointments outside of these hour..."

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"Routes 1-10 (see below link) will be gritted as well as car parks and trailer routes from 7pm tonight. All roads are open."

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"This should really the last straw for these vicious lot - these doctors they're trying to work to death have fixed me up countless times, helped bring my 3 children into the world trouble free, brought down temperatures, everything you could want...."

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"To any residents of Capesthorne Close, I have ordered a new street sign this morning and the Council have agreed to replace it as soon as possible. I will keep the forum posted."

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"Hi All There will is some work being carried out tomorrow evening on the A6 between the junctions with Mill Street & Vernon Street. A temporary closure of the near-side northbound lane will be in place from 18.30 until the works are completed."

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"Today I was helping my 14 year old son (year 10 at school or fourth year senior in old money) with some History homework. It focused around the Republicans and the Democrats in the USA, in particular around Hoover and Roosevelt. I pointed out tha..."

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"Ever since it was introduced, the recycling area behind the Spar has been prone to fly tipping. This December has been the worst for a long time. Early in December, someone dumped a soiled mattress - that took three weeks to be removed. Before Chr..."

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"Advice about Bisodol not required Is anyone aware of any problems around the Grove caused by the storm?"

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"Am I the only person that thinks it's not too wise to leave a sodding great crane and piling rig that close to a main road (Simpsons corner) during downtime at a time period when high wind and rain (freeze thaw) are expected? I'm normally a bit..."

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"I've noticed the last couple of weeks the Eastern European Big Issue sellers are back outside of Asda just in time for Xmas. There are a couple of women working at differrent times who both stand next to the cash machine. Are these the special s..."

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"Ive heard that pubs in hazel grove arent charging a fee at New year is this correct..."

Stockport, 6 miles South East of Manchester is a town of great history and character situated at the point where the Tame and Goyt form the River Mersey.Great shopping and links and a 750 year old thriving market add to the history of the town.


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In 1942, Royal Marine James Conway, a 22...

David Dickinson - The eccentric British ...

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Napoli Cafe
Today I had my first visit to Napoli Café, Very pleasant, friendly staff, Latte and a Sausage & Bacon barm. I shall be going again very soon, so there's not long...

Great Golf Course
If you want a very good local golf club with friendly members, have a look at Hazel Grove Golf Club on Buxton Road. Roll up & speak to the excellent Professional Jam...

amazing curry house!
Mehfil is what used to be 'the olive' and is by far the best indian takeaway in Hazel Grove, the customer service is great, they are very friendly and willing to del...


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