Stockport History

A Town in Greater Manchester

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During the industrial revolution the town grew rapidly particularly because of the growth of the cotton and hat making industries. Much of its history has been preserved through careful restoration and planning and it boasts numerous examples of fine Georgian, Victorian and Tudor architecture, the most famous of which is perhaps Stockport Viaduct.

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Between bhs and woolworths
Searching for the name of the children's clothing shop on the walkway between merseyway and princes street. Bhs now on the site of the old shop. Small woollen vests and lots of ladybird items sold from small wooden drawers.

Cooling tower demolition Portwood

Photos of Stockport from the eighties and before!
Jimmy Paddon is on here who many might remember!

Luftwaffe bomber shot down over Hazel Grove
In the early hours of 8 May 1941, a Heinkel bomber of Hitler’s Luftwaffe became the only enemy aircraft to be shot down over Greater Manchester. Engines ablaze, it streaked across the Stockport sky before crashing in flames i...

Old Robinson’s Pub - Hillgate
Hi, I am seeking some knowledge. Can anyone tell me the name of an old what used to be a Robinsons' pub at the top of Hillgate? It is now a curry house (formerly Mango Lounge) Thanks in advance for the knowledge