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Town Centre Planning

Town Centre Planning
20th August 2008 at 10:54AM
Town centre planning in Stockport is rubbish. Who is responsible for this debacle that the town has had to suffer for who knows how long. I mean what sort of a town would concrete over its one natural feature - the river. Having a River through your town is a golden opportunity to make a feature of it, you could clean it up and have some parklands around it and that would form the centre of the town but no - not Stockport - Stockport decides that the best policy is to sell it off and allow every last bit to be concreted over.

Now we have a depressing concrete mess with a maze of overloaded weak roads unable to cope with the stress of the heavy trafiic.

There looks like there was never any comprehensive town planning that really planned to take a control on all aspects of town planning and try and resolve the space and travel issues that Stockport faces.

I mean lets look at the traffic through the market area and then down to Asda and past behind Sainsburys. It just gets so overloaded and congested and it feels so depressing in that area. Even now with some strong central planning led and enforced by the council Stockport could be vastly improved. That road behind Sainsburys next to the river that connects one motorway junction roundabout with the other. That could be made into a much bigger road by taking away the building opposite the peel centre and taking away the car parks behind merseyway. Then you would have formed half of a loop around the whole of Stockport. The raods through the market could be mush more restricted and pedestrianised.

There are major improvements to be made and they are possible, we just need a competent government to make these decisions are carry them through.
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Re: Town Centre Planning
2nd September 2008 at 5:56PM, Edit: 2nd September 2008 at 5:57PM by Jules_H
I guess Merseyway seemed like a good idea in 1937, but maybe its years are numbered now. Not sure I'd like to lose any more Old Stockport to new road developments, J, I just wish there was something left of the old Tiviot Dale or Travis Brow areas, and maybe some sign that Stockport used to be an industrial town!
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