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Re: Stockport direct.
15th October 2013 at 3:07PM
good man, ive been in similar situations where you go to work everyone moans but your the only one who's got the balls to say something!
i used to work at a prestige main dealer in stockport when we had our bonus system changed even though we was making ourselves and the company good money, it turned out we barely achieved the new system and the company still got plenty of hours out of us, anyway we all complained and had a meeting with the bosses and all the other techs went quiet as soon as we got in the meeting yet they had a mouth in the workshop.
i soon realised it was time to leave and left not long after but those same techs are still there moaning everyday and not doing anything lol.
sometimes your better off being away from some places if not for the money definately for your health!
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