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Stockport - City or Town?


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Re: Stockport - City or Town?
17th July 2011 at 2:08PM
Guest Wrote:

Thanks for the reply adora and link.Could anyone from the council or anyone involved in the bid let us know what the final cost is, which in this age of so called transparancy must be available for all to see (or am I dreaming ?)

Write to the Chief Executive mentioning the Freedom of Information Act and you should have your answer within 20 days.
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Re: Stockport - City or Town?
19th July 2011 at 7:46AM
Hey Geno i've lived a bit and seen many things, we're not all flat earthers.
Stockport as a town is an eyesore, shops, restaurants, pubs are all shutting down, on a Friday/Saturday evening it's like a ghost town, don't say it's the recession, go to Manchester the place is packed with people enjoying themselves.
Stockport Council need to get off their b**ts and find ways of attracting business back into the Town, low rents and free parking might help, someone also needs to oversee all the roadworks been carried out, sometimes every road seems to be getting dug up.
Don't mention ASDA
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