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Save over 20% on your fuel bills


Save over 20% on your fuel bills
26th October 2011 at 6:24PM, Edit: 26th October 2011 at 6:21PM by jarvo8
Fuelmaster is now available to the residents of Stockport. Massive savings of between 20% and 30% for Houses, Public Houses, Restaurants,Businesses,

Hot water and central heating costs are unavoidable and becoming increasingly expensive but they can easily be managed keeping the size of your bills to the bare minimum. There are many ways to achieve lower fuel bills ranging from changing your fuel supplier to the installation of cavity wall and loft insulation. But, a new device called FUELmaster takes a more hands-on approach to the problem. It works on gas, oil and LPG boilers to lower heating and utility bills.
We at Fuelmaster have used our knowledge of the heating industry to design, develop and produce what is arguably one of the most effective, least expensive and quickest ways customers can maximise fuel cost savings with the minimum of financial outlay and causing the least inconvenience to install. The Fuelmaster can be installed in under 1 hour and a typical return on product investment can be achieved in less than 12 months.

How Does It Work.
Fuelmaster is a product that can significantly reduce the amount of fuel used by boilers by reducing and eliminating a wasteful process known within the heating and boiler industry as Dry Cycling, Short Cycling, Rapid Cycling or Boiler Cycling.

What is Dry Cycling
This unnecessary firing process happens when the boiler is activated by its own internal thermostat to simply reheat the hot water held within itself. This hot water is not circulated around the system until an external thermostat asks the boiler to fire up properly to provide hot water to the required destination. These short intermittent firings are a highly wasteful process known by all boiler manufacturers and members of the heating industry. They can be compared to you boiling your kettle 3 or 4 times to make 1 cup of coffee or driving your car to its destination and leaving the engine running afterwards. You just would not do it so why let your boiler waste valuable money on expensive fuel and produce unnecessary carbon emissions.

Please contact me for more information
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