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Re: I would like to Find Garners Lane’s......


Re: I would like to Find Garners Lane’s......
29th August 2010 at 11:55AM, Edit: 29th August 2010 at 11:58AM by Cammie
.......notorious spooky house.
It was demolished in 1997 and stood in the middle of Garners Lane next to a small church.
It was derelict for many years but it actually belonged at one point to my great aunt Elizabeth Wheelton and her husband Walter Wheelton. Sadly they've both passed away (a long time ago) and I think the house went to a couple called "Dale" - what I'm really desperately after is photos of this house, either inside or outside, no matter what year the photo was taken as we're making a "book" on great aunt Elizabeth and Walter as a surprise for my Grandma but sadly none of us have any photos at all. I'd even be willing to pay a decent price for a good photo!
After Walter died, Elizabeth took in lodgers to keep her beloved house, which she fell in love with as it was being built (they lived only a few doors down as it was built and bought it from the first ever owners) and she left it to the lodgers when she died.
Would love to hear from anyone who remembers this house or anyone who ever lived there, even if they have no photos. Even old rumours and stories are welcome as this "book" is going to be a unique and meaningful present for my Grandma as she always wished she could buy 68 Garners Lane to get it back in the family - Dad tried to buy it in 1978 but something went wrong with the sale, so Grandma will appreciate anything I can get - hope someone somewhere can help x
People can give me info/stories on here or via email - - thanks x
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