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Popular topics - anyone got something newswor

Popular topics - anyone got something newswor
9th September 2010 at 11:31AM
I'm a trainee journalist, reporting for a patch newspaper and have been assigned to work in the Stockport area. Does anyone know of any events or controversies either happening now or in the next few weeks?

It could be something about a Stockport resident, anything that affects the people of Stockport, or something to do with the council.

It could even be sport.

Please, don't hesitate to contact me either on here or at, I'm literally looking for anything even remotely interesting. Of course I'll link you a copy of the finished article :)
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Re: Popular topics - anyone got something new
1st October 2010 at 10:37AM
Local Stockport Rapper Mark Dowling aka D-Bo In TV Talent contest
featuring on SKY ch 203, over the next few weeks. His first performance "Outside View"was this week and he awaits the resuklts to see if he qualified for the semi final. His second performance will be on Nov 7th with "Wot Wud U Do"
"Outside view" link....

"Wot Wud U Do" link....

check the links and enjoy
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