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Performing Arts Summer Camps for 10-16 year o

Performing Arts Summer Camps for 10-16 year o
26th June 2012 at 12:30PM
Performing Arts summer camp for children aged 10-16. The YHA are running week long performing arts summer camps throughout the summer(starting from the 22/07/12) for all children and adolescents interested in acting/dance/singing and directing. The camp is located just outside of Buxton in Millers Dale.

'Get ready as the curtain goes up on this fun filled Performing Arts Camp! If you dream of standing in the spotlight, directing your own film, or simply trying something new, then this is the camp for you. Experience professional workshops in acting, singing, dancing, comedy, invisible theatre and film, before showcasing your skills in talent contest, pantomime and spectacular mini musical. There’s something to suit all levels of performer.'

The camp is run through the 'DO IT 4 REAL' programme and offers week long placements or a day service option where by you can drop them off in the morning and collect them at the end of the day. Week long placements start at £239 and the drop off and the day service is £160.So if you know anyone who's interested. Please let them know.
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