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Meachem/Miller family history


Meachem/Miller family history
6th March 2010 at 11:17AM, Edit: 11th October 2012 at 12:19PM by Nick
Hi Iam reseaching my family history, I have done quite well but one branch the Meachem/Miller line is proving very hard to trace. Mary Meachem married George Miller in 1947 at Manchester Catherdral. At this time Mary was living in Holland Road, Crumpsall. Mary was the adopted daughter of Charles and Annie Meachem, they ran the Old White Bear, Manchester and the Chetwood Hotel. George Miller was the son of William James and Agnes Miller. The Miller family were painter and decorators and came from the Cheetham Hill/Salford areas. I do not have much info after 1947 but have come across a death for Mary Miller, 10th April, 1985, at The Edgeley Grange Nursing Home, Stockport. Although it states Mary is a widow the certificate does not give Marys husbands name or her maiden name, these are left blank. The name of the informant is Susan Jackson. The age of this Mary fits in with what details I have and she did have relations in the Stockport area. Mary would have held many family photos and documents, so would love to know if this lady was my Mary Miller.
Anyone help, do you know Susan Jackson or anyone who worked in the Nursing home in the 1980s. Maybe some kind person could do a lookup in the death notices in the local library, this may give a few more clues.
Regards Gill
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