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Grand Central

Grand Central
20th August 2008 at 8:57AM
What is happening to Grand Central. It is being redeveloped or torn down?
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Re: Grand Central
20th August 2008 at 10:31AM
tear it down! here here! I have seen Grand Central deteriorate over the years. Now it is just a a derelict space full of delinquents. Obviously we need to keep the swimming baths and the cinema. I think a good plan would be to just open it up. So where you currently have the derelict squares and that pizza place down the A6, take all of that out so that it becomes really open. I'd also get rid of those alcoves in the walling and try and flatten it out more. Possibly take out the area where Branigans was to open it up even more and then just generally improve the lighting.

I hate all the dillydallying around and the years and years it takes to make a decision on changing anything. Our council planning and decision making processes are poor and we all suffer for them. We need to get a move on and improve Stockport.
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