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Solutions SK
15th February 2011 at 7:35AM
I would just like to offer my heartfelt congratulations to Solutions SK for picking 8:30 this morning as the perfect time to close one lane of the A6 northbound just past Bramhall Moor Lane in order to erect a lovely 'Welcome to Hazel Grove, please drive carefully' sign. Rest assured that everyone who spent the best part of half an hour queueing in traffic, be it car, bus, or bike, appreciated the thoughtfulness in not carrying out this vital task slightly later in the day when we would have missed out on witnessing this installation as we would have been able to get to work on time.
Many thanks, now maybe you could turn your attention to the occasional pot hole.
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Re: Solutions SK
15th February 2011 at 11:27AM
I was in that too - I loved being able to take a good, long look at their handiwork.

There are some lovely decisions made.
Down the feeder road to one of the schools in High Lane, all the grids have been nicked.
They've been told that it will be a few months before they're sorted out by the council.
That's open holes, exactly where a lot of kids walk.
It got so bad that one of the local residents and the caretaker had to put pieces of wood over, to save a serious accident.

So I agree, it gets annoying when they prioritise things like welcome signs!

And before anyone asks why I hang about outside schools, I was dropping one of my children off there :D
Which is not a euphemism.
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