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New Healdwood Hall, Romiley

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New Healdwood Hall, Romiley
Uploaded by DiscoSteve on 28th December 2012, © All rights reserved.
Taken on 27th December 2012 with a Canon Canon EOS 600D

The secretive newly rebuilt Healdwood House just off Healdwood Road/Guywood Lane above Romiley - ths being the second of Romiley's very own recently rebuilt country houses along with Oakwood Hall



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Nice photo Like 0 Disike 0 Report  
28th December 2012 at 8:01PM
I am intrigued, what is secretive about this place? Who is owned by?

Healdwood House Like 0 Disike 0 Report  
29th December 2012 at 1:43AM
I have no idea - its just hidden behind trees/shrubs at the top of Guywood Lane

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